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At the conclusion of its first 125 years, MSBA remains aware of its past—the accomplishments and the limitations—and focused on its future.

Going forward, the MSBA will continue to strive toward being the professional home for all of Maryland’s attorneys, no matter their practice area or their demographics.

MSBA members can expect the best of resources delivered to them in the way that suits them best, be it remote, in-person, or hybrid; in hardcopy print, or electronically.

Your MSBA will continue to advocate for members of the legal profession, as it did when the threat of taxation on legal services arose. The association will continue to work toward ensuring access to justice, as it did when the 2008 mortgage crisis and the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic threatened so many Maryland citizens.

With an eye toward the future, it is helpful to reflect on the past. In the final paragraph of A Century of Striving for Justice, author James F. Schneider noted that the Maryland State Bar Association “dedicated to the purposes for which it was founded 100 years ago,” including advancing the science of jurisprudence, promoting reform in the law, facilitating the administration of justice, upholding the standard of integrity, honor and courtesy in the legal profession, encouraging legal education, and cultivating a spirit of cordiality among members of the legal profession. Twenty-five years since Schneider wrote that Epilogue, MSBA remains dedicated to these purposes and determined to do even more. In the words of MSBA President M. Natalie McSherry, “building on our imperfect past and recognizing we are and will always remain a work in progress. . . .”